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English summary

This is the website of the Dutch ElektroHyperSensitivity Foundation (EHS). 

The foundation deals with the phenomenon of "Electrical hypersensitivity". Our mission is to accomplish a life as normal as possible for elektrohypersensitive people. The foundation operates with volunteers (mostly EHS people themselves) and is entirely depending on donations.

A small percentage of people (approximately  2-5%) develops a hypersensitive reaction towards electric and electromagnetic fields emitted by all sorts of electric/electronic equipment like computers, TV screens,  wireless equipment like WIFI, Dect, Mobile Phone etcetera.

Symptoms of the hypersensitivity vary and range from itching, dizziness and headache to skin rashes and intense fatigue. Labour may become impossible altogether. Social isolation may follow.

The EHS foundation has built up an huge amount of knowlegde on the subject due to intensive searching on health threatening equipment and identifing their electromagnetic field characteristics.  Strategies to minimize the consequences for EHS people are developed en brought in to practice.

The EHS foundation does promote the recognition of EHS in the the Dutch society by means of participation in several forums connected to the dutch governement.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail.


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